The Pool Bar / 2016

For artgenève 2016, the curator imagines a Pool Bar.

Since Antiquity, collectors and artists have enjoyed watching the reflection of sculptures in the pond. The water allows the sculpture to duplicate into an unsettled image. The spectator may then take a rest while contemplating the various effects, closest to reality, that occur with the variations of the climate and environment. The marble then needs no more to come to life. This strange link between sculpture and water still remains a stereotype.

The public will be able to relax while contemplating several sculptures surfacing in a pond of about 200sqm. One might be able to find peace and calm in the heart of the agitation of the Salon, similarly to what one would feel while observing the shimmering reflection of a swimming pool during the holidays. This place should allow gallery owners, artists, and of course visitors, to take time to commune with themselves out of space and time.

panorama 360

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