The Living Room: We Are Two Abysses / 2023

édition 2023

Stand A2, The Living Room 2023

Curated by
Balthazar Lovay
Marina Romiszowska

With participating galleries:

Almeida & Dale (São Paulo) – Rubem Valentim, Mestre Didi

Francesca Pia (Zürich) & Barbara Weiss (Berlin) – Mai-Thu Perret

Christine König Galerie (Vienna) – Nancy Spero

De Jonckheere (Geneva) – Follower of Hieronymus Bosch

Fitzpatrick Gallery (Paris) – Sergio Sarri

Galeria Jaqueline Martins (São Paulo, Brussels) – Regina Parra

Gallery Kendra Jayne Patrick (New York, Bern) – Ada Friedman

Gramma Epsilon (Athens) – Mirella Bentivoglio

Galerie Knoell (Basel) – Meret Oppenheim

Larkin Erdmann Gallery (Zürich) – Ken Price, Meret Oppenheim

Mai 36 (Zürich) – H.R Giger

The Approach (London) – Germaine Kruip


This particular booth explores artist’s dalliances within a mystical realm, which can be either embracing or negating. As physical vessels connecting the artist to the world, a work of art can also serve as a metaphysical link. The works shown address themes of spirituality, time, transhumanism and technology. We invite the viewer to engage—perhaps distantly—with an eerie seductiveness that drives a search for balance despite overhanging imbalance.


Meret Oppenheim
Eulen und Meerkatzen, Teufel, Engel, Katzen, Fledermäuse, Teufels Grossmütter, japananische Gespengster, andere Gespengster und kleine Götter
collage and spray paint on paper
20 × 20 cm; 31 × 31 × 2.5 cm (framed)

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