The Music Chamber

édition 2022

Booth A26, artgenève/musique 2022

Dirk Bell / Isabel Lewis (School Of Swans)
No Salad Records invites Sunna Margrét and Gina Proenza
Karin Sander
Sarah Schönfeld
Stefan Tcherepnin

Artistic director, Augustin Maurs
Co-curator, Catherine Othenin-Girard

This year, artgenève/musique launches a new space dedicated to sound and music. “The Music Chamber” seeks to create a specific artistic dynamic for elaborating and showing sonic works. This “chamber” recalls both the intimacy of the bed room and the disputes of parliamentary debates, but also the notion of chamber music, a musical genre based on a reduced usage of material and voices, that has always pushed the boundaries of its own existing structures. In this first MUSIC CHAMBER edition, the status of the presented works is often ambivalent, between sound installation, performance or silent object relating to sound. Visual elements are extended by sonic movements and vice versa, enabling the pieces to cohabit and to sometimes interact: the soft, persistent noises of a drawing hand delivered by large custom made speakers (Dirk Bell / Isabel Lewis); the smashing of plates and their transformation into sonic meanings within an “instant archeology” process (Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld); “lightning concerts” transcending visual and audible perception (Karin Sander); a scenography unifying both art and performance history proposed by Stéphane Kropf / No Salad Records (Gina Proenza and Sunna Margrét) and a piano in fake fur playing sporadic electronic chords (Stefan Tcherepnin).

Artgenève’s 10th anniversary evening at the Grand Théâtre in Geneva
Friday, March 4th, from 8pm

For the 10th edition of the Salon, artgenève/musique invites the percussion Ensemble Eklekto with pieces by Félicia Atkinson and Ryoji Ikeda directed by Alexandre Babel as well as a concert presented by the label No Salad Records / Stéphane Kropf, with Sunna Margrét & Purple Monkey Dishwasher.

artgenève/music is a platform within artgenève which is dedicated to sound, performance and ephemeral works made by artists. Since 2012, more than 30 new works have been realised in various projects in and outside Geneva.

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