publisher space 2018

For the fifth consecutive year, Éditions Macula has been invited to host the Publishers Corner at artgenève.

Each year Éditions Macula invites a number of publishers who share an interest in the dialogue between text and image at the crossroad of thought and discipline, to show their publications.

For artgenève 2018, Éditions Macula took the opportunity not only to reinvent the booth but also to welcome a new choice of publishers: Les Cahiers dessinés, Paris; Delpire Éditeur, Paris; indekeuken feat. ChezRosi, Bruxelles; Les Éditions Noir sur Blanc, Lausanne; Éditions Photosynthèses, Arles; Éditions Ripopée, Nyon; We do not work alone, Paris.

On this occasion Éditions Macula will be launching the second edition of the review Transbordeur, Genève, in the presence of the members of its committee. Another faithful participant will be the review octopus notes, Paris.

In addition to the choice of publishers, there will be a rich program of talks, presentations, live performances and print workshops. As part of the programme, Éditions Ripopée will offer a daily workshop based on their working techniques.


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