la Mobilière, Prix Mobilière for young Swiss artists

édition 2023

“Prix Mobilière” – Promoting young Swiss Art

Awarded since 1996 the „Prix Mobilière“ is the oldest sponsorship award for young Swiss art that is presented by a Swiss insurance company.

As a private insurance company that has operated exclusively in Switzerland since it was founded in 1826, Mobiliar has a heartfelt interest in the wellbeing and future of Switzerland. As part of the future-oriented engagement with social values the promotion of art and culture plays a central role – based on the conviction that, with their works, creative artists provide a productive set of tools for positive development of societal processes. For this reason, ever since the 1930s, Mobiliar has collected art, promoted promising art projects, realised exhibitions, and integrated artists into its internal fields of work – in research projects, community projects and innovation projects.

The “la Mobilière Prize” 2023: has been awarded to Jan Vorisek
The “la Mobilière Prize” 2022: has been awarded to Romane de Watteville
The “la Mobilière Prize” 2020: has been awarded to the artists duo of Matthieu Barbezat and Camille Villetard
The “la Mobilière Prize” 2019: has been awarded to Maya Rochat
The “la Mobilière Prize” 2018: has been awarded to Julian Charrière
The “la Mobilière Prize” 2017
: has been awarded to Bertold Stallmach
The “la Mobilière Prize” 2016
: has been awarded to both Vittorio Brodmann and Mathis Altmann, for the whole set of their artworks
The “la Mobilière Prize” 2015
: has been awarded to Raphael Hefti

Jury :
Daniel Baumann, artist, Burgdorf
Bice Curiger, curator and artistic director, Fondation Vincent van Gogh, Arles
Eva Linhart, curator, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main
Patrick Tharin, senior marketing communication manager, La Mobilière
Bruno Zürcher, formerly of La Mobilière
Dorothea Strauss, jury chairperson, La Mobilière

Artists nominated for the 2023 award :
Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi
James Bantone
Franziska Baumgartner
Chloé Delarue
Giulia Essyad
Kelly Tissot
Jan Vorisek

The nomination committee :
Georgina Casparis, curator ArtVontobel
Helen Hirsch, director Kunstmuseum Thun
Charlotte Laubard, art historian and professor at the Geneva School of Art and Design HEAD
Samuel Leuenberger, free curator, curator of Parcours sector at Art Basel, founder and director at SALTS
Michelle Nicol, historian, curator, co-founder Neutral
Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator and artistic director at Serpentine Galleries London
Berit Seidel, artist

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