Roman Signer (*1938), Jet d’eau, un projet pour Genève, 2018
Friday 8.06, sharp 5.45 pm.
This Swiss artist has conceived this project for Geneva: it consists of a temporary action using the power of the famous Genevan water jet to propel a tarpaulin into the air. As always with Signer, the sculpture is ephemeral, though documented in film and photographs. The production of this performance benefited from the support of the City and State of Geneva services and was organized by Manuella Denogent.

Denis Savary (*1981), Roma Roma Roma, 2017
Friday 8.06, 9 pm (opening reception) ; tuesday 19.06, 8 pm ; thursday 4.09, 8 pm.
The artist, who lives and works in Geneva, interweaves an abundance of scientific and vernacular references to reconstruct narratives that appeal to viewers’ shared memories. Here, he composes a suspended image: discreetly audible “bodies” in motion (small-scale models of hot-air balloons) are superimposed over the environment to turn it into a film set. The plays of scale create optical illusions, and these somewhat awkward-looking, hard-to-control objects tend to form a burlesque scene. The action is dreamlike to the same extent that creates a comical situation.

Martina-Sofie Wildberger (*1985), RUN-UP, 2018
Friday 8.06, 7.30 pm (opening reception) ; tuesday 19.06, 7 pm ; tuesday 07.08, 7 pm ; saturday 28.08, 6 pm ; tuesday 04.09, 6 pm.
The artist’s performances take as their theme the political aspect of poetic expression, and more generally explore questions of communication. The emergence of meaning, the translation and interpretation of words or body language are central to her research. RUN-UP, which evokes a period of preparation, could also be called run off, with, for,…; a sound variation and a combination of images and movements confront the park’s strollers with a strange form to decrypt.

Paulina Olowska (*1976), 7 Ingredients of Pavillonesque, 2018
Friday 8.06 from 6 pm.
Polish artist Paulina Olowska invites visitors to discover in a building of the park the second issue of a journal entitled “Pavillonesque,” produced with students of the HEAD Geneva. Through a collective performance, Olowska transforms into a Surrealist theater the pavilion and nearby chalet into temporary sculptures. The event is organized in partnership with the HEAD, where the artist is teaching.

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