My Joy, curated by Katia Krupennikova / 2014

In this exhibition, the possibility for humanity is investigated from the historical position, in which the works by such acclaimed Russian contemporary artists as Alexander Kosolapov, Rostislav Lebedev, or Anatoly Osmolovsky, correspond with the works of a younger generation of artists who critically reflect on the surrounding social and political climate, such as Irina Popova, Ivan Plusch, Yakov Kazhdan, Irina Korina, or Olga Kroytor.

The selected artists bring together a variety of visions, approaches, and ways of life. While coexisting in the same social and political environment, they belong to different generations and thus by inviting them, Katia Krupennikova, links different points of Russian history and investigates the sequence between past, present and future.

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