Martin Disler, works from a private collection / 2018

Martin Disler (1949-1996)

This year, artgenève is devoting a large area to Martin Disler and is presenting an exhibition featuring a comprehensive ensemble of his works. The exhibition, made possible by the collaboration of a Geneva collection, will allow the public to discover the extreme vitality of this Swiss artist who died at the age of 47, over 20 years ago.

The work of Martin Disler, before being that of a painter, engraver and exceptional sculptor, is the expression of a draftsman trying to capture the complexity of life and its essential energies. The gestures and liberated features reflect, without compromise, the cutting edge of our common reality. Bodies gather, mingle and unite to retrieve patterns that seem to have traveled across centuries and continents.

Often displayed in large format, this profusion of humanity constitutes a mirror, sometimes brutal, of our worlds.

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