Magic Love Trade Objects, curated by Jan Verwoert / 2012

with Gitte Villesen, Michael Stevenson, Kirsten Pieroth, Bernd Krauss, Rachel Koolen, Arvo Leo, Linda Quinlan, Sarah Forrest, Julieta Aranda, Anton Vidokle, Danai Anesiadou.

Where magic is performed, objects change hands. They are traded as tokens for the magical bond forged between us and the spirit world: charms, amulets or fetishes. In accordance with the given lore, they serve a function (to protect or bewitch). But there is much more to them. They are very particular things, crafted with much love and attention to detail. In fact, the sheer specificity of their material features often enough cannot fully be explained in terms of symbolic function or meaning only; they are quite simply very peculiar things.

It’s a quality that artworks too can have: made and traded to charm, some works nonetheless retain that strange singularity, materially and intellectually.

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