intersubjectivity: vol. 1: language and misunderstanding edited by Lou cantor and Abraham Adams

This essay collection, Intersubjectivity Vol. 1: Language and Misunderstanding, continues the project of Turning Inward, elaborating that volume’s study of epistemic means of relation in contemporary art and its hybrid becoming. As Turning Inward addressed the spatial logic of globalized discourse and its attendant breakdown of distinctions among art, urbanism, and philosophy, Language and Misunderstanding will investigate the temporal logic of discourse in the expanded field. As such, the volume will focus on visual art’s relationship with writing practices oriented toward the embodiment of text.

The commissioned essays will cultivate renewed critical attention to the neglected contributions of Concrete poetry to the presence of language in visual art as well as to stage an argument for an expanded conception of the Concrete beyond histories of typographic experimentation, considering it in the context of contemporary para-poetic performance. The volume will include a selection of such texts, drawn from contemporary experimental writers and introduced with essays on Conceptual poetry and its discontents.

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