If I Was John Armleder, exhibition catalogue by curator Luca Cerizza published by Nero 

NERO is glad to present If I Was John Armleder, a book published on the occasion of the second edition of artgenève. The project, curated by Luca Cerizza, is a tribute to the Swiss artist and curator John Armleder, a celebration of the art of his mixing and mashing-up.

Being John Armleder means imagining what kind of exhibition he would curate today, when dealing with young artists from Italy and Switzerland. Being John Armleder also means to act in a way that is usually denied to curators. In this respect the project is an experiment: an impertinent act of freedom in arranging a number of different works in one installation.

The curator has invited the artists Andrea Sala and Tommaso Garner to conceive a display for the exhibition, whose participating artists are: Alessandro Agudio; Gianluca Belloni; Stephane Barbier Bouvet; Flora Klein; Frédéric Gabioud; Tommaso Garner; Dario Guccio; Thomas Koenig; Mario Milizia; Riccardo Previdi; Adele Röder; Alice Ronchi; Andrea Sala; Vanessa Safavi; Davide Stucchi.

If I was John Armleder, réalisé par Luca Cerizza / 2013

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