D. Martina-Sofie Wildberger (*1985), RUN-UP, 2018

Friday 8.06, 7.30 pm (opening reception) ; tuesday 19.06, 7 pm ; tuesday 07.08, 7 pm ; saturday 25.08, 6 pm ; tuesday 04.09, 6 pm.

The artist’s performances take as their theme the political aspect of poetic expression, and more generally explore questions of communication. The emergence of meaning, the translation and interpretation of words or body language are central to her research. RUN-UP, which evokes a period of preparation, could also be called run off, with, for,…; a sound variation and a combination of images and movements confront the park’s strollers with a strange form to decrypt.

Performers :
Héloïse Dell‘Ava, Joana Castilhos, Gaëlle Edwards,Tomas Gonzalez,Thomas Huwiler
Remerciements: Tennis Club de Genève, Sophie Reble, Sabrina Bosshard, Anaïs Wenger, Edouard Faillot

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