art talks 2015

Wednesday, 28th

Les feu des arts – an event by Arteventia

Thursday, 29th

Axis scaling (creating a centre, building heritage)
with John Beeson, Nicolaus Schafhausen, and Nicolas Trembley

Is there a place for printed media in art today?
with Christian Kobald, Rozsa Farkas, and Michał Woliński

with Ari Benjamin Meyers, Anri Sala et Augustin Maurs

Atelier de collotypie with Benrido (Kyoto)

Jean-Michel Tobelem and Nikola Jankovic (Macula editions)

On the occasion of the release of Kevin Salatino’s book Art incendiaire (published by Macula), the pyrotechnics Gabriel Legrand, Gilles Renaud et Pierre-Alain Berretta tell the story of pyrotechnic arts.

Friday, 30th

Art without the physical object.
part I with Ari Benjamin Meyers,  Rozsa Farkas, and Julia Moritz
part II with Joanna Warsza, Alexandra Pirici, Manuel Pelmuş, Wojciech Kosma, and Yunuen Rhi

A digital exhibition – a way of abolishing the distance
with Rozsa Farkas, Paul Feigelfeld, et Giovanni Carmine

Atelier de collotypie Benrido (Kyoto)
Michael Jakob, Poétique du banc (Macula éditions)

Saturday 31st

Atelier de collotypie Benrido (Kyoto)

Gian Carlo Parodi and Xavier Barral on the book Roger Caillois, la lecture des pierres (Xavier Barral editions)

Encounter with the photograph Cédric Delsaux (Xavier Barral editions)

Sunday 1er

Atelier de collotypie Benrido (Kyoto)

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