Collection Ringier / 2023

édition 2023

exhibited artist
Rodney Graham

As a tribute to Canadian artist Rodney Graham who sadly passed away in fall 2022, Ringier Collection presents Phonokinetoscope (2001).
In this installation a turntable and projector are linked: when the needle is placed on the record the projector starts, when the record ends or if a viewer lifts the needle it stops; the image and music are constantly out of sync.

Graham takes LSD and rides his bicycle through the Tiergarten in Berlin. On this pastoral trip through nature we are presented with a series of observations that seem somewhat ponderous due to what we assume to be Graham’s state of altered perception. There are a myriad of references like Hoffmann’s (the inventor of LSD) unintentional acid trip. In another passage Graham rides his bike backwards reminiscent of a sequence in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” (1969). The observations and interconnections become increasingly complex but essentially Graham shows a world rich with subtle meaning, derived as much from pop culture as from the 19th century.

Rodney Graham
Phonokinetoscope, 2001-2002
16mm film, projector, looper, record player, LPs
5’ loop, variable dimensions
© Rodney Graham

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