Collection Eric and Suzanne Syz, curated by Nicolas Trembley / 2015

The Syz collection has been initiated in New York at the beginning of the 80s by Eric and Suzanne Syz. They have begun by collecting art works from this period. The collection is composed of installations, sculptures, drawings, paintings as well as designed objects. There is not a medium, a movement or a geography, which is privileged more than another.

The collection’s ambition is to gather major artworks that punctuate both history of contemporary art and careers of artists that are considered as part of it. The central concern is not collecting predefined movements or artists, although tendencies can sometimes appear within the collection, but choosing art works that matter regarding history of art.

The exhibition will focus on two generations of Swiss and international artists. Valentin Carron, Tobias Madison or Alex Israël and David Ostrowski embody the younger one whereas artists such as Fischli/Weiss, Rosemarie Trockel or Isa Genzken compose a more established one. Most of the works are not seen often in Geneva and some of them will be shown for the first time worldwide.

The exhibition is entrusted to Nicolas Trembley, curator of the Syz collection. A selection of artworks is available online at

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