Christian Waldvogel, Tides of Andromeda / 2016

Tides of Andromeda is a sculpture that explores the consistency of form in time, the spatial presence of invisible influences and the constants in changing.

The pendulum which Léon Foucault installed at the Paris Panthéon is a device that demonstrates the rotation of the Earth. While we humans constantly reorient ourselves, get disoriented, change course and opinions, adapt, and work to stay focused, a Foucault pendulum is universally oriented, swinging towards a fixed point in the Universe.

Akin to fundamentals like mass, gravity, light and magnetism, which interact in a predictable way while at the same time tending to evade predictability, the pendula sculpture moves steadily back and forth, traversing a predefined space in a precisely predictable manner. Travelling through the air and across an invisible landscape of magnetic fields, its surface made of magnetic liquid is constantly modulated in a predictably unpredictable way.

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