Christian Robert-Tissot, Le canapé est au milieu du salon / 2019

UBS Lounge

«Dazed» is a word of five suspended letters, installed at eye level in front of a floating picture frame painted in the same charcoal grey as the floors covering the art fair.
All letters are turning at the same speed, about 7 laps/minute, but not exactly at the same time. Combined, they generate a kind of animated 3D wallpainting which assembles or deconstructs itself constantly. Only once per hour, the five letters align perfectly during a second. Operating in such an overexposured context, the very slow movement and its dazing, almost hypnotic power, will act on the viewer like a fireplace would after spending an afternoon in traffic-jam.



Christian Robert-Tissot
DAZED, 2019
130 cm x 700 cm
courtesy galerie lange & pult

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