C. Denis Savary (*1981), Roma Roma Roma, 2017

Friday 8.06, 9 pm (opening reception) ; tuesday 19.06, 9 pm ; tuesdays  3, 17, and tuesday 4.09, 9 pm.

The artist, who lives and works in Geneva, interweaves an abundance of scientific and vernacular references to reconstruct narratives that appeal to viewers’ shared memories. Here, he composes a suspended image: discreetly audible “bodies” in motion (small-scale models of hot-air balloons) are superimposed over the environment to turn it into a film set. The plays of scale create optical illusions, and these somewhat awkward-looking, hard-to-control objects tend to form a burlesque scene. The action is dreamlike to the same extent that creates a comical situation.

Pilots: Chris Andrews, Armand Cakss, Jean-Pierre Connus, Sandrine, Marlène et Noël Ducry, Marcel Mottier, Gérard Scherrer

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