artgenève/cinéma – 2017 edition

artgenève is pleased to invite the Julia Stoschek Collection  for the inauguration of artgenève/cinéma at the magnificent Cinerama Empire.
This prestigious private collection of contemporary art based in Berlin and Düsseldorf focuses on time-based media art.
The collection opened in 2007 and comprises installations, videos, photographs, paintings and sculptures.

Video works from the Julia Stoschek Collection :

Doug Aitken: Blow Debris, 20:27 min.
Andro Wekua: Never Sleep with a Strawberry in your Mouth, 14:00 min.
Mark Leckey: Made in Eaven, 02:00 min.
Ed Atkins: Even Pricks, 07:32 min.
Cyprien Gaillard: KOE, 04:17 min.
Elizabeth Price: Woolworth Choir, 17:00 min.
STURTEVANT: Pacman, 01:15 min.

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