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artgenève/art talks stand A10

Thursday, January 26 2023

2 p.m
Barry Flanagan : Process, myth and method
With Jo Melvin (director of the Barry Flanagan Estate), Sonia Kacem (artist) and Pauline Julier (artist and fiilmaker). Moderated by Samuel Gross.

3.30 p.m
Presentation of artgenève/musique : A conversation between Augustin Maurs and Saâdane Afif
Greeting by Thomas Hug.
argenève/musique introduction by Augustin Maurs,
followed by Catherine Othenin-Girard.
Talk with Saâdane Afif and Matthias Sohr.
Record release Saâdane Afif features Dwarf Lift Dwarf.

This talk takes place on stand A30

4.30 p.m
Fondation Dubuffet – une politique d’acquisitions
Sophie Webel (directrice de la Fondation Dubuffet)
Restauration des œuvres de Dubuffet: des tableaux à Coucou Bazar

Aurélia Chevalier (restauratrice en art moderne et contemporain)


Friday, January 27 2023 

2 p.m
POUSH quartier créatif, l’art en train de se faire
With Yvannoé Kruger (directeur de POUSH), Andy Rankin (commissaire d’exposition), Hugo Avigo (artiste), and Nika Kutateladze (artiste).

5 p.m
The hanging of an artwork
Demonstration of the hanging of a painting by Harsch and presentation of the iazzu app


Saturday, January 28, 2023

2 p.m
AI technology in art authentication
With Dr. Nicholas Eastaugh (CEO at Dr Nicholas Eastaugh Associates Ltd) and Dr. Carina Popovici (CEO at Art Recognition). Moderated by JJ Charlesworth (art critic and editor at ArtReview).

4 p.m
Of Rodney Graham
With Dr. Shephard Steiner (Associate Professor of Contemporary Art and Theory, School of Art, University of Manitoba) and JJ Charlesworth (art critic and editor at ArtReview). Moderated by Samuel Gross.


Sunday, January 29 2023

2 p.m
Art & humanitarianism
The role of art in humanitarian aid; conference-conversation with a representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Swiss artist Catherine Gfeller  and her work “Voices in Kyiv”

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