la Mobilière presents the exhibition “Espace futur: d’aujourd’hui à demain” at artgenève

édition 2020

Art and sustainable development, Vol. 12


The exhibition “Espace futur – d’aujourd’hui à demain” brings together works by 24 artists from the Furniture collection and offers an inspiring journey of ideas in several chapters.

“We asked atelier oï, a world-renowned studio in French-speaking Switzerland specialising in design and scenography, to work with us to develop a very special overview of the theme of the future. From this collaboration was born an iridescent journey based on the various projects of our social commitment and on a selection of remarkable works from the art collection of the Mobilière. The themes addressed are power, climate, resources, sustainable development, digitisation and time. The exhibition ends with an informative lounge, which presents the main areas of Mobiliar’s social commitment.

The mirror pattern is omnipresent. Between the net and the blur, we contemplate ourselves, we see the works, we live the present and look to the future. The key message of the exhibition is that together we can meet the challenges of the transformation of society. Only those who move can make a difference. Only those who take the initiative will inspire others to do the same, and this has a snowball effect. The next stage of our exhibition is the artgenève fair, where we will present the project as part of our partnership.”

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