children’s area

Kids 2018 / Collège du Léman

The children’s area 2018 is organized by the College du Léman.

artgenève 2018_Collège du Léman Programme

Kids 2017 / École Eden

On a Quest to Understand Each Other

For the second consecutive year, Eden School dedicates a space to the children who visit artgenève. This venue is part of an educational process conducted by the private bilingual primary schools of Geneva as part of an initiative that aims to foster the arts and humanities within the school setting. Young visitors can discover the artworks of their peers as well as enjoy workshops, meet with other children and play games. The distinctive feature of Eden School is to enable every child to develop critical thinking, empathy and curiosity in an atmosphere that promotes the joy of learning. A stunning scenery that was conceived, designed and built by students of IPAC Design Genève reflects this philosophy. The Kids’ Corner in artgenève is a colourful eye-opening space that invites children to develop their creativity and understanding towards others.

For more informations: Eden School