talks, performances & films

Wednesday 25th

6pm (entrance area) awarding of the Prix Solo artgenève - F.P.Journe
9pm (Villa Sarasin) performance: Angela Bulloch, Die Blaue Stunde, featuring HSBC - Heatisck & Bass Clef

Thursday 26th

4pm (D4 or A16) Art Talk: Cinema in Space / Anthony McCall and François Bovier
4pm (A3) Launching of Almanach de l'Art Brut, J. Dubuffet / with Sarah Burkhalter (CAB / SIK ISEA / 5 Continents)
5.30pm (D4) Art Talk : design-by-research / Guillaume Othenin-Girard and Nemanja Zimonjic
8 pm (Cinérama Empire) artgenève/cinéma: Mappelthorpe: look at the pictures

Friday 27th

4pm (D4) Art Talk: Exhibiting moving images / Balthazar Lovay and Sven Augustijnen
6pm (A3) Presentation of Piédestal (Adrien Goubet), and cheese tasting (The Drawer)

Saturday 28th

2pm (A3) Launching of Pierre Garnier, Anthologie 1984-2013 (Héros-Limite & Page d'accueil)
4pm (D4) Art Talk: Collecting film and video / Julia Stoschek
4pm (A3) Launching of Transbordeur, n° 1 (Macula) / with Christian Joschke and Olivier Lugon
6pm (A3) Performance by Saskia Edens and Jérôme Karsenti
8pm (Cinérama Empire) artgenève/cinéma : Tribute to Andy Warhol

Sunday 29th

2pm (A3) Launching of Élégies documentaires (Macula) / with Muriel Pic
4pm (D4) Art Talk: Spacescapes. Danse and drawing since 1962 / presentation of the book by Laurence Schmidlin and Sarah Burkhalter
4pm (A3) Launching of Courants continus (art&fiction) / with Rudy Decelière and Véronique Mauron
8pm (Cinérama Empire) artgenève/cinéma : Jean-Michel Basquiat The Radiant Child